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Sustainable Modular and Portable Buildings

Choose a Portakabin building to minimise your impact on the environment

Reduce your energy use, waste and carbon footprint with modular or portable buildings
Modular and portable buildings from Portakabin deliver unrivalled environmental benefits to any organisation. From building manufacture through to installation and lifetime use, Portakabin buildings help to reduce waste, energy use and carbon emissions. By selecting a Portakabin building over a traditionally constructed one, your organisation will enjoy cost and energy savings in the short-term and for the life of the building. That means you’ll be minimising the impact of your activities on the environment today – and for future generations.

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For advice on specifying sustainable modular or portable buildings, download our free Guide to sustainable building procurement.

Off-site manufacture delivers assured quality and minimal waste

  • By manufacturing buildings under tightly controlled factory conditions, construction can be completed quickly, efficiently and on schedule, with no delays caused by poor weather or site labour shortages
  • Buildings are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimal waste generation, using state-of-the-art software
  • Manufacturing buildings under factory conditions enables consistently high quality standards to be achieved at every stage of the construction process. The Portakabin quality-management system is certified to ISO 9001
  • Portakabin manufactures buildings using minimal hot or mechanised processes, for maximum energy efficiency. In fact, up to 67% less energy is required to produce a modular building than a traditionally constructed one (Source: Arup Research and Development)
  • Many Portakabin building materials are sourced from certified sustainable and managed sources
  • The Group achieved the goal of zero waste to landfill in January 2012. Any non-recyclable waste is now being incinerated for power generation.

Minimal noise, disruption and pollution during installation

  • Portakabin prefabricated buildings are delivered to site by road ready for rapid installation, with minimal noise and disruption on site
  • Modular building sites require very few deliveries and involve up to 90% fewer vehicle movements than a traditional building site, reducing dust levels and congestion on site, and minimising emissions associated with vehicle use (Source: Mtech)
  • Construction times can be reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional construction methods, resulting in cost savings and carbon emission reductions – plus an earlier return on investment
  • Greater predictability and quality control has enabled Portakabin to deliver 99.7% of buildings on time and on budget since 2003.1 The construction-industry average is just 59% delivered on time and 46% on budget2

Lifetime energy savings and carbon emission reductions

  • Well-insulated, steel-framed Portakabin buildings feature a unique composite panel construction that provides continuous insulation around the building envelope. This reduces condensation and delivers optimum thermal efficiency
  • Insulating materials in Portakabin buildings have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero – minimising their impact on the environment
  • Precision manufacturing creates very air-tight buildings, reducing draughts and improving thermal efficiency. Independent tests conducted by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) on Portakabin Ultima buildings show that they exceed the Building Regulations Part L air-permeability requirements by 70%
  • Portable and modular buildings even deliver environmental benefits at the end of their life. Buildings are easily reconfigured, refurbished or relocated to meet changing needs. They can even be dismantled and the parts reused or recycled. Reusing the building or its parts can save more than 90% in embodied energy, compared to an equivalent ‘new build’ (Source: Arup)

Boost your building’s environmental performance

It’s possible to enhance the environmental performance of your Portakabin building even further with the range of sustainable design options available from Portakabin. You can choose to improve your green credentials with solar heating systems, ground-source heat pumps, passive ventilation, green roofs and more.

1. Based on Portakabin order analysis for January 2003 - June 2011.
2. Office for National Statistics, Construction Statistics Annual 2009. Crown copyright 2009, reproduced under the terms of a Public Sector Information Licence.  

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