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Portakabin Solus buildings combine advanced architectural design with innovative office solutions. The result is a unique fusion of quality, comfort and executive style that creates a high-quality building that is second-to-none. Provided by Portakabin, the name you can trust, the Portakabin Solus building will give you complete peace of mind.

External walls are of a durable one-piece construction. High-performance, low-maintenance, plastisol-coated, galvanised steel cladding offers protection against fire, extreme weather and accidental damage. Internally, the walls are of a polyester-coated galvanised steel, providing an impact resistant, wipe clean finish.

The floor has a rigid galvanised steel frame and an aluminium-zinc coated steel sheet underdrawing, which offers a sturdy and robust feel. The design also prevents infestation as the thermal insulation material is laid on top of the underdrawing.   The suspended floor is completely integrated into the structure of the building. This enables the building to be sited close to the ground for one-step easy access. A variety of floor coverings is also available including hard-wearing vinyl or carpeting, depending on the application of the building.

Outstanding insulation is provided by the construction of the roof. The roof deck is of one-piece construction and is impact resistant. It is covered with solar-reflective, profiled plastisol-coated, galvanised steel to reduce heat gain. Internally, the ceiling is designed to prevent condensation problems. It is covered with the same polyester steel as the walls for a low-maintenance finish.

Steel-faced doors have an insulating core that minimises heat loss. The anodised aluminium frame also incorporates draughtproof weather seals. Protection against theft and vandalism is given by a cylinder mortise lock, which has escape override on the inside. A low-level threshold improves access and can help you to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Both the fixed and opening have distinctive square cornered aluminium frames and polyester powder coated paint finish. Opening windows have lockable handles with keys. The windows are fully double-glazed for excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Tinted glazing reduces solar glare and a thermal break prevents condensation problems.

Building layout
A variety of room layouts can be achieved by the installation of partition walls, with a matching polyester steel finish. Solus buildings can be linked to form larger complexes or stacked to form two or three-storey buildings.

Portakabin Solus buildings are quickly and easily sited. The need for pad foundations is dependant on site conditions, total weight of the building and the imposed loads. Advice on foundation loads and positions will be given by Portakabin staff.

Design loads
Floor - 3.00kN/m    
Roof - 0.75kN/m2
Basic wind speed (to meet BS 6399:Part 2 requirements)

Thermal insulation
The walls, doors and roof are insulated with environmentally friendly CFC-free Envirofoam: a rigid polymer insulation material that is lightweight and yet enhances long-life structural strength and ensures an energy-efficient building.

Insulation values 
Elemental U-values (W/m2K) 
Floor 0.35  
Walls 0.45  
Roof 0.34

Fire performance
Fire-engineered construction ensures safe fire performance. Non-combustible materials are used for all external cladding and internal lining of walls and ceilings; minimising the potential fire load. Walls, ceilings and floor underdrawing have Class O surfaces. Roof decks have a British Standard FAA rating. The floor has half-hour fire resistance in multi-storey mode.

Climate control
A variety of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems can be provided for the enhanced comfort of occupants.

Transport and handling
Portakabin Solus buildings are transported by lorry and craned into position. All buildings have, as standard, provision for low-level lifting. Low-level lifting supports The Work at Height Regulations 2005 to avoid the increased safety risks associated with working at height.

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