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Steps, Canopies and Walkways

Choose steps, canopies and walkways to provide easy access and a stylish entrance to your building

Portakabin offers a range of high-quality ramps and steps to help you provide easy access to your building and ensure it complies with all regulatory requirements. You can also add a canopy or walkway to create an attractive entrance feature to your building.

Regulations-compliant ramps and steps for easy access
On hired buildings we offer modular ramps and steps for hire. These can be adapted to suit your site and, because they are modular, can easily be reconfigured or relocated if your needs change. For purchased buildings, we can build permanent concrete or wooden ramps or steps. 

 The modular ramps and steps you can HIRE are:

- Techramp – attractive, fully complaint ramp for buildings larger than 30m2
This unique, attractive aluminium ramp has been specially designed to provide full compliance with guidelines. It features anti-slip, colour contrasting handrails, as well as colour-contrasting landings, slopes and kick plates for improved visibility. All ramp surfaces are slip-resistant, with a maximum incline of 1:15 to meet BS8300:2009 recommendations, and provide a minimum unobstructed width of 1.5m to meet guidelines.

- Steel ramp robust ramp for buildings smaller than 30m2
Our standard modular ramp is designed for buildings with a floor area smaller than 30m2 or buildings of any size that will be sited for less than 28 days. This ramp has a 1.2m unobstructed width to give 'reasonable provision' for disabled access. The all-steel frame and handrails provide high durability and the ramp has slip-resistant surfaces.

- Steel steps – durable steps for safe access to emergency exits
These safe, durable steps are ideal for emergency fire escapes. Suitable for single or double fire doors, they have slip-resistant treads and landings and meet the requirements of all building and fire regulations.  

If you are buying your building, we will design and install appropriate ramped and stepped access to ensure your building meets all regulatory requirements.

Stylish canopies and walkways to enhance your building
The range of canopies and walkways we offer enables you to tailor the entrance to your building. Your canopy or walkway can be curved or flat, cantilevered or supported by posts. As well as improving the appearance of your building, these features provide useful outdoor shelter from the elements.

 “We chose the Ultima Vision building for its amazing looks and build quality. It totally dispels any preconceptions people might have about temporary buildings and achieves exactly the image we wanted to project. It also offers the quality of building we need for long-term use.”

Stephen Petherick, Site Commercial Manager, Cheltenham Leisure Centre

Portakabin were very fast, very effective and very proactive throughout the project. It was incredible how quickly they got the building in place. They kept us fully informed and involved, right from the design stage through to coordinating the delivery and fitting out the building. Everyone is really pleased with the finished product.”

Stephen Petherick, Site Commercial Manager, Cheltenham Leisure Centre

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