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Modular Site Accommodation Buildings for Hire

Extensive modular site offices and welfare facilities of any size

Now you can hire versatile, multi-storey modular site accommodation buildings for large construction projects with the NEW Konstructa Modular building system.

These ‘A’ Rating energy-efficient modular site accommodation buildings can be tailored to different needs and comfortably accommodate any number of people.

Konstructa Modular site offices offer the space, durability and flexibility you need to assure optimum working conditions for any number of staff over long-term construction projects.

The Konstructa Modular range is the ONLY modular accommodation unit system that can be installed without having to work on the roof – even in multi-storey configuration. This improves safety as there is no more need to work at height.

Konstructa Modular Site Accommodation buildings offer:

  • Full flexibility to create modular site offices of any size, up to three levels high – improving space on restricted sites.
  • Fast delivery and installation, with plug-in-and-go service connection that allows you to start work on site shortly after the delivery.
  • Energy costs and carbon footprint reduction over continuing construction projects, with the most energy-efficient anti-vandal building system of its type.
  • Open-plan, bright and airy interiors with high 2.5 metre ceilings – the highest ceilings of any anti-vandal modular site accommodation buildings on the market.
  • Enhanced site safety by eliminating ladders and working at height when installing modular site offices.
  • Robust design to prevent break-ins and vandalism with heavy-duty all steal cabin construction and other advanced features.
  • A boost to your company image on the site with attractive new modular site accommodation buildings branded with your corporate livery.
  • Improve your employee wellbeing and morale on long-term projects, providing enjoyable, extensive on-site facilities.

Konstructa Modular site offices produced to your specifications

We have a wide range of Konstructa Modular site accommodation buildings in stock, available for fast delivery. Our team of experts will design the ideal building layout, size and configuration for the number of people you wish to accommodate and the character of your building site.

This is the fastest, way to construct large-scale, high-quality, energy-efficient modular site offices tailored to your needs.

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