Little Einsteins Nursery
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Organisation : Little Einsteins Nursery

Application : Education Buildings

Product : Titan

Location : Dublin

Requirement :

Large nursery provided at very short notice by Portakabin Allspace to meet increased demand for pre-school places.

The Irish Government’s new scheme to provide free nursery places for all three to five year-olds has created huge demand for new nursery buildings across the country. In the village of Carrigaline, Little Einstein’s Nursery did not have enough space in its existing building to cater for all the local children now entitled to free places. A new nursery building was needed very quickly to meet demand.

Solution :

Janice Edwards, Director of Little Einstein’s Nursery, says: “We needed the building at very short notice, and we also expected that our needs would change in future, which is why hiring a modular building was deemed the best option. It gave us the flexibility we needed, as well as the short lead time.

“We requested quotes from a number of building suppliers, including Portakabin Allspace. We visited the Portakabin Allspace Hire Centre to see for ourselves the quality of Portakabin buildings on offer – and we were very impressed. This, combined with the experience of dealing with the people at Portakabin Allspace, was the reason we chose them to supply our new nursery building.”

Portakabin Allspace designed a Portakabin Titan building layout that fulfilled all of the nursery’s requirements. The Portakabin Titan is the largest stand-alone modular building in Europe. Its large open-plan interior can be adapted to meet the demands of a variety of applications.

For Little Einstein’s Nursery, Portakabin Allspace recommended a 54m2 Titan building, which was configured to include a large nursery room for up to 20 children, three toilets to cater for staff and children, and a lobby. The building’s entrance and fire doors were repositioned to meet the nursery’s particular requirements, and other adjustments were made to create a bespoke nursery facility for the children of Carrigaline.

Janice continues: “We were very pleased with the building design devised by Portakabin Allspace. The building was to be located adjacent to our main nursery building, so that the outdoor area could be shared by all the children. Portakabin Allspace carried out all the siteworks very quickly, with minimal disruption to the nursery. Considering the short notice we gave them, Portakabin Allspace did a great job of completing all site preparations on time.”

The new building was sited on the agreed date, within the tight deadline set by the nursery. Portakabin Allspace has a Customer Charter which promises that all buildings will be delivered on time and on budget. It also promises that if the company ever fails to deliver on time, it will provide a week’s free hire for every day it is late.*

Portakabin Allspace delivered the building complete with all necessary ducting and connection points for water, electricity and other services. That meant the building could be very quickly connected and fitted out ready for use by the children.

Janice adds: “We are all very happy with the quality of the building. The children have settled in well and the staff are absolutely delighted with the standard of facility it provides. It means we can now deliver a high-quality nursery environment for all the local children who need it.”

*Terms and Conditions apply. A copy is available on request.

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