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High Performance Flooring

Install a high-performance concrete floor for heavy-duty, high-footfall building applications

When you need a tough, solid floor for very busy or heavy load-bearing areas of your building, or perhaps for medical, laboratory or other building applications where a rigid inflexible floor is required, your building can be fitted with the Portakabin high-performance concrete floor.

This heavy-duty floor has a point loading of 7kN and a uniform distributed load (UDL) of 9kN/m2. The floor is fully installed in your building in the factory – giving you all the time-saving, quality-assurance benefits of off-site construction

Why choose the Portakabin high-performance floor?

  • Robust concrete floor ideal for buildings with high footfall, pharmaceutical and medical applications, sports centres and buildings housing heavy equipment
  • Acoustic performance meets stringent Building Regulations requirements for airborne and impact sound
  • Designed to withstand heavy use, with a point loading of 7kN and uniform distributed load (UDL) of 9kN/m2
  • Durable terrazzo tiling option available, pre-installed in the factory
  • Power float option available, pre-installed in the factory
  • Up to six-storey building capability

This building option is available for the following products :

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