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Your handy reference guide to terms used in the modular and portable building industry

This useful reference guide provides definitions of the terms commonly used in relation to modular and portable buildings.

A term often used to describe self-contained, single unit, portable or relocatable buildings. Titan, Solus, Pacemaker and Pullman buildings are all examples of this type of building.

A large cargo-carrying, standard-sized container that can be loaded from one mode of transport to another. The Portastor secure storage unit is the Portakabin version of the container.

Decant accommodation
Temporary buildings used to house relocated employees or pupils for a period of time while refurbishment or building work takes place in their workplace or school.

A fabricated piece of plastisol-coated steel sheet fitted to the perimeter of the roof, concealing the gutters behind it.

Hiab crane
These lorry-mounted cranes are used for quickly and efficiently loading and unloading Portakabin buildings.

Intermediate fascias
A fabricated piece of plastisol-coated steel sheet fitted between the storeys on the perimeter of multi-storey modular buildings.

A telescopic leg system that can be used to load and unload relocatable buildings to and from a flat-bed lorry. Portakabin has its own patented version of this system, called the Lodastrut leg. It can also be used for levelling buildings on uneven ground.

Linking / stacking
The method used to connect individual self-contained Portakabin relocatable buildings to form two or three-storey buildings, with external staircases and walkways.

A registered trade mark of Portakabin Limited for the telescopic leg system used to load and unload portable buildings to and from a flat-bed lorry.

Low-level lifting system
A building lifting system that enables buildings to be positioned without the need for installation teams to work at height - in compliance with Work at Height Regulations 2005. 

Mobiles / mobile classrooms
A term commonly used to describe single, stand-alone portable classrooms.

Modular building
Modular construction involves the manufacture of a building off-site in a controlled factory environment. The steel-framed modules are fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating, doors, windows and internal finishes before they leave the manufacturing centre, improving quality and reducing programme times. The modules are then delivered to site by road, where they are craned onto prepared foundations in just a few days, saving time and money - and reducing on-site disruption.

Modular building system
A standardised module design that can be connected seamlessly to create larger buildings of any size or configuration to meet individual customer requirements. The modular building systems available from Portakabin are Ultima, Ultima Vision, Duplex and Lilliput.

Off-site construction
This is the part of the modular construction process that is carried out away from the building site, usually in a factory.

Pad foundations
These are the simple foundations needed for Portakabin buildings. They are economic and quick to install.

Plastisol coated
All external steel panels of our modular and portable buildings are coated with plastisol, which is a hard-wearing resin that creates a durable, easy-clean surface.

Portable buildings
A term commonly used to describe single unit, self-contained relocatable buildings. A portable building can easily be moved from site to site and reused in another location. Titan, Solus, Pacemaker and Pullman buildings are all examples of this type of building.

Relocatable buildings
A term commonly used to describe single unit, self-contained portable buildings. Titan, Solus, Pacemaker and Pullman buildings are all examples of this type of building.

Site huts / site accommodation
A term commonly used to describe the portable buildings used on construction sites.

Steel underdrawing
A covering underneath a building's floor construction, this steel membrane retains and protects the insulation and contributes to fire resistance, improving the integrity of the building.

The load-bearing part of a building.

Temporary building
A building used on a temporary basis to fulfil a short to medium-term requirement. Portakabin provides temporary buildings that can be used during refurbishment programmes or rebuilding work, or for any short to medium-term requirement. However, the temporary buildings that Portakabin manufactures meet all permanent building standards, guaranteeing quality and providing outstanding comfort and durability.

Thermal door break
Part of the door jamb design, this feature reduces the transfer of hot or cold air between the exterior and interior of each building.

Trunking, three-compartment
This plastic trunking runs around the interior of rooms and is used to conceal all cabling.

Volumetric module construction
A modular building system offering the flexibility to create any size or internal layout of building.

Warm-deck roof construction
The roof construction on all Portakabin buildings is fully insulated, which prevents condensation from forming on the inside. This roof construction promotes the retention of heat and contributes to a pleasant working environment.

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