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Specialist support services ensure your building delivers optimum performance for as long as you need it

When you buy or hire a modular or portable building from Portakabin, our service doesn’t end once your building has been installed. Our customer service teams are always available to provide support, advice and maintenance services – ensuring your building goes on delivering optimum performance throughout its life.

What’s more, your requirements for the building may change, so we provide reconfiguration and relocation services to ensure your building continues to fulfil your requirements. 

The range of customer support services we provide includes:

1. Refurbishment
We can enhance or upgrade your building at any time. Comprehensive refurbishments can be completed with minimum disruption to you - from installing new fixtures and fittings, to creating new rooms or adapting existing ones.

2. Relocation
We will arrange everything if you need to move your buildings between sites or around the country, or if your business is relocating. We’ll organise all the transport and logistics to make the move as hassle-free and efficient as possible.

3. Reconfiguration
If your building requirements change, we can expand or downsize your facilities so that your building adapts to your changing needs. We can easily expand or reduce our modular buildings by adding or removing modules, with minimal disruption to you.

4. Repairs
If your building suffers accidental or criminal damage, you won’t have to worry. Just call on our rapid-response service and we’ll carry out all necessary repairs, whether that’s replacing a broken window or repairing fire damage.

5. Routine maintenance
To maintain its smart appearance and high performance, your building may occasionally need some routine maintenance work. We can carry out any work you require, from cleaning exterior walls to clearing out your gutters.

6. Replacement parts
If you wish to replace or upgrade any of your building’s components, we can supply (and install if required) Portakabin-approved parts – ensuring your building continues to deliver optimum performance.

Call our customer service specialists, whenever you need them
Whenever you have a service requirement, whether routine maintenance or major refurbishment, just give our team a call on 01 808 50 55 – we'll be happy to help.

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