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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Corporate Social Responsibility is already an integral part of how the Portakabin Group operates and is fast becoming increasingly important to our customers as well as our employees. Therefore it is fitting that Corporate Social Responsibility is directly supported in the Group’s 10 point strategy for the next 5 years, as well as in our company values. 

This corporate direction and support, combined with the enthusiastic ‘can-do’ attitude so evident in our employees will surely yield great positive results and I look forward to witnessing what CSR successes the future holds."

Derek Carter, Portakabin Group Chief Executive
January 2015

Portakabin Group has a modern approach to corporate social responsibility that is based on a long-standing ethical corporate culture.

We are serious about safeguarding our people and the environment in which we all live and work, about playing an active role in our local communities, about working in partnership with suppliers and treating our customers fairly.  We aim to achieve our business objectives in a caring and responsible manner recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities.

Our CSR Vision

“To be recognised as an organisation that is transparent and ethical in all our dealings, cares about the environment, and contributes to the prosperity and well-being of our people and the communities in which we operate.”

Our Guiding Principles


Our Strategy

At Portakabin Group we recognise that our operations have an effect on the communities and environments in which we operate. We are committed to operating in a socially responsible manner, engaging with our employees, supporting local communities and running our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our CSR strategy is embedded within the core values of the business; Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment and Innovation.

We also recognise that CSR is central to creating not only social or environmental value but also in creating business value. The Social Value Act (SVA) 2013 requires local authorities in England and Wales to consider CSR-like issues when procuring services. CSR increases employee morale, improves our reputation and gives us better relationships with governments and local communities. This gives Portakabin Group the competitive advantage to win more work. The commercial teams within the Portakabin Group will always consider the CSR implications on any project and an account will be taken in the BID process.

Our Long Term CSR Strategy
We aim to continually improve our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We will:
  • Gain a minimum number of 4 stars on the CR index with BITC.
  • Have well established and challenging CSR Targets & Measures.
  • Have strong and engaging CSR communications including the website and intranet pages and continue with the CSR newsletter and core brief.
  • Have well established educational, community and charity partnerships.
  • Have an apprentice academy.
  • Become a living wage employer.
  • Have regular CSR employee surveys.

Our Key Areas of Focus

Our CSR Strategy focuses on four overriding principles:

Community Engagement
As a responsible corporate citizen, Portakabin strives to have a positive impact in the community by giving something back. Our relationships with the local communities are very important to us and are an essential part in the growth of our business. We give something back by building a culture that promotes employee volunteering, corporate giving and creating local educational partnerships. We are also committed to shaping our business strategy on future risks faced by the community at large.

We will:
  • Increase donations to local charities, led by the company and involving our employees
  • Increase the number of hours spend on community related activities
  • Fulfil the number of apprentices as outlined in the budget
Service Excellence
We strive to trade with integrity within the marketplace, from our suppliers to our customers. In making choices around suppliers we integrate social and environmental criteria into the vetting process.

We will:
  • Increase our Customer Satisfaction Index Score
  • Ensure all employees attend the customer service excellence workshop
We seek to minimise the environmental impact of our activities through environmentally responsible practices including the prevention of pollution, the minimisation and control of waste and sourcing from sustainable natural resources. We are committed to conducting our activities and operations in line with current legislation. We encourage our employees to purchase and operate the most energy efficient method of transport available to reduce our carbon output.

We will:
  • Have all site reporting on SmartWaste reporting system
  • Have zero reportable incidents to the Environmental Agency
  • Reduce our carbon output
  • Source our natural resources from sustainable sources
Engaged Employees
We strive to be a responsible employer by creating a workplace built on Our Values that promote teamwork, integrity, commitment and innovation. We are committed to high standards of health and safety, recognising our duty and the benefits of providing safe working conditions. We provide equal opportunities to all existing and prospective employees recognising that our reputation is dependent on the quality, effectiveness, and skill base of our employees. We treat all our employees fairly and honestly.

We will:
  • Reduce our Lost Time Accidents
  • Increase our employee engagement score
  • Work with employees to increase their Professional Development days (CPD)

Our priorities are grouped within these areas as illustrated by our Guiding Principles above, which are regularly reviewed by the CSR Committee. Each element of these principles are included in a long term plan with assigned accountability and responsibility for delivery, together with the targets against which performance is monitored and reported. 

Our Governance

The ultimate responsibility of CSR lies with the Portakabin Group Board, and Derek Carter CEO as the nominated director. The board of directors fully endorse and support this strategy. The CSR strategy is delivered through the key groups outlined below.

Board Of Directors
The Board have a responsibility to support and promote the actions of the CSR Strategy

CSR Committee
The CSR Committee assume responsibility for the CSR Strategy, set direction and agree objectives.

CSR Working Group
Assume responsibility for implementation of initiatives and progress towards objectives set by the CSR Committee. We have 18 CSR Champions across the business and departments. Our community, market place, sustainability an workplace sub teams are led by CSR Champions.

We have an established CSR Committee, consisting of directors and senior managers with direct responsibilities for key aspects of our CSR performance. The CSR Working Group, consisting of individuals representing all areas of the business, is responsible for implementing and delivering initiatives in line with the overall CSR Strategy and reports to the CSR Committee. The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for CSR. 

Supporting Policies and Documents

Our CSR Strategy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Policy
Energy Policy
Business in the Community Environment Index Gold Award 2013.

BSI Certificate
Zero Waste Gold Award Certificate
Procurement and Sourcing Policy  
Bullying and Harassment Policy
Business Ethics Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Safety Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

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