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Organisation : Boston Scientific

Application : Offices

Product : Ultima

Location : Galway

Requirement :

A fully serviced two-storey office complex integrated with existing buildings and completed in just six weeks?
Absolutely possible with Portakabin

Boston Scientific is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of innovative medical devices, technologies and services that provide alternatives to major surgery. Continued growth at its large plant in Galway, Ireland, combined with the introduction of new product areas, meant that an additional 200 administrative workstations were needed for the site's expanding workforce. To house these workstations, 12,500 sq ft of new office space was required.

Facilities Project Leader at Boston Scientific Galway, Tim Pickering, says: "We considered a range of options, including hiring office space at a nearby business park. We also approached Portakabin, who we had built up a good relationship with in the past".

Solution :

The solution we chose was to hire a modular building from Portakabin Allspace, since this offered the high construction specifications we were looking for, combined with durability and flexibility. Most importantly of all, Portakabin could ensure rapid delivery of the building, which was critical for this project."

Boston Scientific hired 32 high-quality Ultima modules to create a large two-storey office complex at the heart of its Galway site. The complex includes toilets facilities on both floors and two sets of stairs. There are also high and low-level links to the neighbouring building on site, which enable occupants to access the existing lifts.

Portakabin specialists worked closely with Boston Scientific and with the civil, electrical and mechancial engineers involved in the project to ensure a smooth and well coordinated delivery and installation programme.

Portakabin delivered and installed the modules over a three-day period, without disrupting traffic or the day-to-day working of the plant.

Tim adds "We are exceptionally happy with the response from people working in the buildings. I've even had occupants coming to thank me for them, which is very rare. A person's working space is very important - they need to feel comfortable in their surroundings, so we are delighted with the quality of the building supplied by Portakabin."

Tim Pickering, Facilities Project Leader, Boston Scientific, Galway.

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